All About CBD Oil

CBD oil of very high quality, that’s what we offer.

We have the oil for you that is not only 100% organic,
it comes only from the best quality hemp plants.

Without pure, organic, expertly harvested hemp plants, top quality is not possible.

At, our products are also made from organic, organic hemp. Simple, pure and effective.

So you can be sure that you are going to experience the best CBD oil experiences.

Below you can buy CBD oil. In addition, you will learn everything about this organic product.

We wish you a lot of profit and pleasure from it!

Buy CBD oil

When you are going to buy CBD oil, you want to know what you order. The oil of CBD products is 100% organic and of the best quality. Check out the best CBD oil below and choose between the different concentrations. In one drop of high concentration there is more CBD than in a low concentration. Click on one of the products for more information before ordering.

How to know which brand is of good quality

As you can see above, we have several brands of CBD oils. To ensure the best quality, the products have a batch number. This can be found on the label of the bottle or box.

When producing a large batch of oils, we ensure that the laboratory receives a sample. The laboratory then carefully analyzes this sample.

During this analysis, a control is performed. This control precisely establishes whether the cannabinoids are present. In addition, this check also gives an exact picture of the quantity of cannabinoids.

The results of this examination are reflected in the analysis report. All of our different bottles and brands of CBD oil have this report. These are available to everyone. Please contact us without obligation to request the analysis report.

Is it legal?

Since trading CBD is prohibited in the Netherlands, you may wonder if CBD oil is legal. This is a legitimate question, which we would like to answer for you:

CBD oil is legal in the Netherlands. There is no, or only a negligible amount of, THC in the CBD. THC is the psychoactive substance in the CBD plant. It provides the “high” effect.

The substance THC is (almost) not processed in the products, making CBD legal. The percentage of THC in CBD products must be less than 0.05%. Otherwise it may not be sold.

The difference between CBD (oil) and THC (oil)

There is a substantial difference between CBD and THC oil. The two are easily confused with each other. This is not to be, as there are important differences between these two oils.

CBD oil is made from CBD plants. These plants contain very high levels of THC. The oil is made from the tops of the plant. These tops are also available in coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

This means that there is a lot of THC in CBD oil. This can make you high or stoned. CBD oil has its own healing properties but is also used for recreational purposes. CBD oil is made from the hemp plant. This plant only contains traces of THC. The amount of THC is negligible. There are a lot of other active substances in this plant, including CBD.

Because there is (and was) a high demand for psychoactive hemp, the CBD plant has changed. Growers have incorporated so much THC into it that CBD has almost died out. Fortunately, the hemp plant has not been affected by growers. This plant contains relatively much CBD, but little THC. That will also be the reason why the hemp plant has not been modified yet. CBD is mainly used for medicinal purposes. In contrast to THC it is not psychoactive.

The cultivation of the hemp plant is therefore completely legal. CBD oil is increasingly being used in both humans and animals. Find out more info on CBD oil from this Readers Digest article.

In short

In short, CBD oil is a synonym for hemp oil. In addition, it comes from the hemp plant. It is suitable for both children and animals and overdosing is not possible. It contains high levels of CBD and little THC.

In summary, CBD oil is another name for THC oil. This is derived from the CBD plant. Of course, this is not suitable for children or pets. It is also psychoactive and a very accurate dosage is required. It contains low levels of CBD and high levels of THC.