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If you are thinking of selling your property or renting it, then this article is for you. We have gathered the opinion of real estate experts. We will now share it with you:

Where and how should I renovate?

Let’s say you have some money, but you’re not sure whether to remodel the kitchen, the bedrooms or build an outdoor pool, for example. We tell you how you will have a higher return on investment:

The kitchen and the bathroom.

These rooms are the most valued by potential buyers or tenants. Besides looking like clean places in the house, offering modern and functional furniture will be very well appreciated. Aspects such as the plumbing, the type of coverings, as well as the floors are key aspects. Making sure you have high water pressure as well as great lighting are among the things most required by anyone looking for a new home.

Another aspect when renovating these rooms is paying attention to the space. What do we mean? We all like big kitchens and bathrooms. Look for those strategies and designs that make you look spacious kitchens and bathrooms.

Nowadays, in addition to functionality, a balance between practicality and design is sought. When you are going to renovate a bathroom or kitchen I recommend you to invest a little time and head, in the style you are going to choose. Think well about which colors, materials, textures and accessories you are going to use.

Watch out for the pools!

This is a very recurring element, and it’s often in fact a big mistake. What’s the big mistake? Thinking that offering a big, beautiful pool is going to give a great value to the house. The point is that a pool may or may not be valued by the potential buyer.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who is looking for a house with a pool, you are in luck. However, this is not always certain, so before investing in building or renovating a pool I recommend you think twice.

A good cover.

Because they say it’s the first impression that counts. And in real estate, this premise also applies. Now, a good front doesn’t always mean that it must be something expensive.

Privacy in the home.

Something that is usually very well valued, and not very expensive to achieve, is privacy. Sitting on the terrace or in the garden, and watching what the neighbor is doing, is not usually appreciated.

A very simple and ingenious way to achieve privacy and the idea of being cared for, is through plant walls. Species such as cypress pines, or plants with seasonal flowers, are excellent resources. It is good to think about the maintenance we should give it.

In other words, let’s think about resources that don’t involve a lot of maintenance effort. A concrete example could be not using any plant with thorns or losing a lot of leaves.

Security and functionality aspects.

What do we mean? Under this item let’s think that whoever buys or rents doesn’t want to have any security problems or have to call technicians all the time.

If there are problems with electricity, plumbing, ventilation or humidity in the property to be renovated, do not hesitate to make the corresponding arrangements. One thing that worked very well for me when I bought my last house was to hire an inspector. After a thorough inspection, the technician gave me a report with all the details r raised.

There I could tell that the house had some cracks that I had not detected, that it lacked emergency exits. The technical evaluation also showed me where I should invest if I did not want to have problems in the near future.

Remember that when we think about selling or renting a property, we should not think according to our tastes. Instead, we should prioritize what is usually most valued by the person who is going to invest money. It is not the same, if we are going to sell or rent.

In addition to an economic question, we must think about the guarantee we are going to offer. In other words, what is the extent to which we take responsibility. In the case of renting, we must also think about what we are going to demand.